Traditional spanish menu for private events in Ibiza





Garden salad, choice of greens, vegetables vinaigrettes and oils.


Rucula salad, avocado, pony, melon and asparagus asparagus season.


Octopus Galician style over mashed potatoes.


Selecting different Tortillas.


Padrón peppers with a pinch of salt and paprika.







Paella or fideua (noodles paella) with fish & Seafood.










· Small blown crème caramel


· Seasonal fruits in composition.





Chef, Waiter (6hours) and material included, drinks and 10% VAT are excluding. 







 45,5€ per person








· Material (teak chairs with beige cushions, tablecloths blancay rectangular table with dishes):

+ 15 € / person (wedding white chairs +3 €)


· With open bar and wine cellar 4hours

(Rogers Cava de Flor, Nuviana red and white wine, wine and soft drinks La Rosa Rosado): +22 €