"Barbecue party"  for boat events in Ibiza




Assortment of 4 skewers varied by persons

(Melon with chorizo, Mahon cheese with plum and apricot, sherry tomatoes and mini mozzarella, lollipop goat cheese).







Mesclum salad with goat cheese, strawberries and pipes.

Greek salad of octopus with black olives and herbs.

Strudel tomatoes, basil and mozzarella di buffala.





Barbecue cooking show




Skewered chicken breast marinated with lime and fresh basil.

Skewer involves the chimichurri.

Skewer assorted mini sausages.

Atlantic prawn skewer.

Potatoes Al embers.

Vegetable kebabs.



Honey mustard sauce, tartar sauce.







Seasonal fruits in composition.





Chef, waiter (6hrs) and material are including, 10% VAT and drinks excluding.









 58€ per person