Your "churrasco party" in your villa in Ibiza




 4 skewers varied assortment of people

( Melon with chorizo, Mahon cheese with plum and apricot, sherry tomatoes and mini mozzarella , lollipop goat cheese )







Mesclum salad with goat cheese , strawberries and pipes.

Greek salad of octopus with black olives and herbs.

Puff pastry with tomatoes, basil and mozzarella di buffala .





Churrasco cooking show 




Whole Ibizan Lamb with herbs and garlic

(Or just legs +4 € / pers to previously choose)


With potatoes and ratatouille.




Honey mustard sauce, tartar sauce.







Seasonal fruits in composition.




Cook, waiters and equipment included 10% VAT and excluding drinks.







49,50€ per person.









· Material ( teak chairs with beige cushions , rectangular table linens dishes blancay ) :

+ 15 € / person (white wedding chairs +3 € )


· With an open bar of wine and cava 4hrs

( Rogers Cava de Flor, Nuviana red and white wine , wine and soft drinks La Rosa Rosado ) :

+22 €

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